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Real Estate Law: We help you Grow

We close real estate deals – residential and commercial.

At Taneja Law firm, we have a team of experienced and qualified lawyers offering services to close commercial real estate and residential real estate deals in Ontario. We advise various business and prominent families of the Greater Toronto Area on their real estate legal matters.

For a quick legal consultation on any Real Estate Law Services in Ontario, Canada. Feel free to give us a call in our nearest office.

We serve our Real Estate Law clients throughout Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Hilton, Milton, Oakville, Richmond Hills, Toronto areas..

Brampton: 905-796-9900  Mississauga: 905-896-4000

Real Estate Law Services

With our office locations in Mississauga and Brampton, we serve in many parts of Ontario, Canada when it comes to their needs for home buying and selling or any real estate related law services.

Real estate legal services in which we deal are:

  • Creating, processing and securing of Mortgage application.
  • Commercial Real Estate issues
  • Undertaking Residential and Commercial Leasing.
  • Handling real estate matters at federal and tribunal levels with accuracy.
  • Providing expert advice on sales, purchase matters and various other associated aspects with Real Estate Buying and Selling Law Brampton and Mississauga.
  • Services are also provided in field of wills/estates, neighbour issues.
  • Issues concerning Land taxes, tax funds and title insurance.
  • Mortgage refinancing and closing adjustments.
  • Preparing offers to purchase.
  • Terms and conditions in context to acquiring real property and right to live on property for specific timeframes.
  • Consultation on real property, which includes rights to the air above land and right to drill in the ground beneath.
  • Property issues which encompass both tangible and intangible aspects.
  • Matters concerning rights and benefits which are legally attached to real property.
  • Settlement of issues concerning right to live on the property for a specific timeframe.
  • We are a comprehensive pedestal for all your real estate needs, queries and issues in the most cost-effective manner.

Choosing us over other real estate law firms in Mississauga or Brampton

It is quite a task to identify and trust someone with your property. At Taneja law firm we take utmost care to uphold the confidence which the clients vest in us. A one stop solution to all your real estate needs, we are conveniently located for your ease and comfort. Our representatives are readily available and have the right amount of knowledge to guide you in the right direction, paying attention to every detail.

Diversity of Our Clientele

Since our inception we have grown by leaps and bounds and this in itself speaks of our quality. Our Clientele includes both commercial and residential category clients. We work for big corporate clients and with equal ease and professional approach handle matters of individuals. Constant training and workshops keep our lawyers abreast with the prevailing trends and new laws in the field of real estate. So we serve to a vast diversity of clients on vivid property issues, with confidence and accuracy.

An Added Boon

Convenience and accessibility are big issues in today’s fast paced life. To handle your real estate matters and provide you with maximum convenience and comfort we are offering our services through two offices. We are approachable and easily accessible. Having two locations in the heart of Mississauga and Brampton downtown areas, we save a lot of your time and are at your behest whenever you need us.

For a quick legal consultation on any Real Estate Law of Ontario, Canada, feel free to give us a call in our nearest office. We serve our real estate clients throughout Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Markham, Hilton, Oakville, Richmond Hills, Toronto areas.

Brampton: 905-796-9900 | Mississauga: 905-896-4000