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Family Law: We help you protect your interest

Family Law Service in Mississauga and Brampton

Taneja Law Firm : You Can Rely on for all your legal needs for your Family 

At Taneja Law, we know that family is the first social institution where a child starts a life and then grows up. At the same time, we also feel that families often face intricate legal issues that break the unity among the members of the family. These legal disputes are caused by various human ties, and they often reach the courts of judgment to get settled down. It is quite obvious that people cannot face these legal issues themselves and that is why the involvement of family lawyers becomes absolutely evident.

Our law firm has family lawyers who have a track record of serving the clients through various types of legal disputes that are categorized under family law. We serve them with highest level of professional skills. Our team of family lawyers is trusted as well as appreciated by our valued clients. Our clienteles include well-established people from different walks of life.

For a quick legal consultation on any Family  Law Services in Ontario, Canada. Feel free to give us a call in our nearest office.

We serve our family law clients throughout Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Hilton, Milton, Oakville, Richmond Hills, Toronto areas..

Brampton: 905-796-9900  Mississauga: 905-896-4000

Our Expertise in Family Law:

Our goal in family law is to keep costs low for our clients. Not just the legal costs, but also we attempt to keep the matters brief while also zealously representing our client’s interests. It is important to us, that we do not prolong the worst period in some of our client’s lives.

We have helped many families through their most difficult hours of need. The goal in every family matter is to resolve the matter quickly, fairly, and finally. Whether it is through:

  • Collaborative Family Law
  • Divorce Law: Contested or Uncontested
  • Domestic Violence Law
  • Prenuptial Agreements or Marriage Contracts Law
  • Spouse Support or Dispute Law
  • Mediation Law
  • Matrimonial Assets and Property Disputes Law
  • Child Custody Law
  • Child Support Law
  • Wills and Trusts Law
  • Alimony Disputes Law
  • Legalities related to Same Sex and Opposite Sex Relationships Law

Most of these disputes are highly complicated and their complexities increase further as they often include sentimental and emotional situations. We value the family spirit, and that is why we never support breakdown of relationships. We always our clients to reach us only after making a strong decision to bear all the sentiments and emotions that often make things difficult in due course of time.

Brampton: 905-796-9900 | Mississauga: 905-896-4000